Additional Features

From a simple and accurate diary to detailed reports, Standout Property Manager contains more features and benefits than we can list.

Integrated Diary

Within an estate agent or letting agent, the diary plays an important part in the general running of the office. As such, it needs to be both simple to use and accurate. As part of our estate agent software, the diary within Standout Property Manager is just that. From user-specific diaries—with an office overview, of course—to colour-coded entries, the Standout Property Manager diary is designed to make things quick and easy to find, whatever it is. In addition, all viewings are recorded—accompanied or unaccompanied—meaning any information regarding a viewing is always at hand.

Once saved, any appointments can be synchoronised with Microsoft Outlook, if you prefer.

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Multi-user diary linked to properties, ensuring efficient follow-ups.
  • Logs all actions to the relevant property and contact histories.
  • View options range from individuals to offices, daily and weekly with a monthly overview.
  • Create tasks for yourself or other staff members, along with completion dates, with full tracking
  • Built-in task management, allowing staff members to set themselves or colleagues tasks due at any time, or to message each other, removing the need for sticky notes.


Once the details of a solicitor have been added to Standout Property Manager, they can be easily associated to any vendor or buyer. Each solicitor is only added once, and contained within their details is an automatically generated list of who that solictor is acting for—and whether that contact is a vendor or buyer. In this way, our estate agent software can help to organise any queries that need to be made—particularly in instances where one solicitor is acting for multiple contacts.

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • A simple layout allows fast, easy access to contact details for any solicitor.
  • Vendor and buyer details are listed with each solicitor, potentially allowing one call to tie up multiple queries.


Standout Property Manager allows staff to generate an array of reports directly from within the estate agent software, from the details of new applicants to staff performance. Each report is different, many allowing a branch and date range to be specified if required.

Letter templates

Standout Property Manager allows the creating and editing of letters to send to contacts and brand them to your agency.

Brochure templates

Standout Property Manager allows the creating and editing of customisable brochures for window cards, single page, multiple page. To be linked to your own website or any of the portals, maximising your sales toolkit.

Backup and Restore

Backing up data is very important, especially when that data is irreplaceable. Standout Property Manager backs data up regularly, so you don’t have to.