The configuration of Standout Property Manager has been broken down into sections making it easy to complete. Standout Property Manager breaks the options into tabs so that you are not overwhelmed by a screen full of options. By doing this, Standout Property Manager should be a breeze to use.


Configuration of the Agency, allows you to configure the overall settings for your company, whether you operate a single branch or multiple branches. It may even be that once you set these option up, you never need to visit this section. Only visiting to add to your staff members as your business grows in success!

Broken down, the following options give you a taste of how flexible Standout Property Manager is.

Agency features

  • Company logo and financial information
  • Email branding
  • Status overrides
  • Privacy
  • Marketing
  • File storage


Branches are created either for "Head Office" (a single branch organisation) or each branch can be created if they operate independantly.

Branch features

  • Contact information
  • Branch settings
  • Tax (VAT)
  • Rental
  • Applicable countries
  • SMS
  • Managers
  • Default rooms
  • Affiliates
  • Advertising board request
  • Money Laundering configuration


Staff allows for the activation (and deactivation) of staff members

Staff features

  • Staff details
  • Permissions
  • Email preferences
  • Email linking
  • Holidays
  • History
  • Login locations


Create teams by assigning staff members to applicable teams

Team features

  • Multiple teams
  • Unlimited assigns


Enter portal details for the advertising of properies

Portal features

  • Over 30 pre-configured
  • Add new portals easily

Additional features

Other features that the Administation sections covers these additional options

Additional features

  • Security
  • Property features
  • Propery progression
  • Contact sources
  • Brochure templates
  • Letter templates
  • Email templates
  • Diary configuration
  • Match location updater
  • Agency files