Lettings Management

Standout Property Manager covers both sales and lettings, helping with the day-to-day running of an agent.

Lettings agents need love too

Standout Property Manager helps with day-to-day activities with specific functions just for lettings agents, such as producing tenancy agreements from data you’ve already entered. The tenancy details of each property contains information for current tenant details, agreement details, previous tenants and payments, making it very easy to find both present and historical data.

Property - rental option details

When receipt of payment from a tenant is recorded, financial data for the property is updated, calculating any remaining payable amounts or any fees due from a landlord. Bond payments are recorded separately from rent payments, as TDS, DPS or My Deposits payments.

Standout Property Manager performs better with more data. The more accurate the information entered, the easier it can make things throughout the life of the property. Each property’s record contains all information regarding a let at the push of a button for easy access.

Other areas of interest


Any utility companies associated to a property, along with local council data and any lender records for buy-to-let properties are located under Services.


Landlords’ preferred contractors for all services can be listed right alongside a property, meaning if any issues arise it’s easy to find out who—if anyone—is the first port of call.


A full inventory is key, and Standout Property Manager makes it possible to keep a list of any items in a property, along with any condition and quantity information. This can be printed at any time, allowing an agent to use it as a reference on their next inspection.

Repairs and Service Fees

Any service fees or repairs can be recorded with a property and, if required, an invoice generated to the landlord. Any oustanding monies are added to the financials tab.


Financial information for a property includes overdue rent, management fees, and any totals owed or due from a landlord. It is here that you can also record any payments to or from a landlord.

Certificates and Visits

Certificates—such as the EPC, gas and electrical—are recorded together. Reminders are automatically added to the diary, and any inspection visits are recorded for posterity.