How it works

Standout Property Manager is an online user-friendly estate agent software system designed to be easy to use and powerful. Here’s an overview of some of the major features.

Standout Property Manager is a user-friendly cloud-based software system that has been designed and developed using over 20 years experience in the property software field, started by a former estate agent to ease the administration burden that estate and letting agents are under. By doing so, it allows staff to be free to negotiate more sales or tenancy agreements and get more listings. In addition, all property data can be transferred directly to your own web site and any of the major national property portals — such as On the market, Rightmove and Zoopla.

Standout Property Manager is designed to be easy to use. Most common actions are located in a handy sidebar—located right on the welcome screen—while everything is labelled as sensibly and simply as possible, making navigation quick and easy. We’ve made all of the most frequent actions stand out—so there’s no need to search or be a technical expert.

Fully responsive, Standout Property Manager can be used easily on a desktop (for example Windows or macOS), a tablet, or phone. Just an internet connection is required.

By linking Standout Property Manager to online file systems (such as Dropbox or Google Drive for example), important letters and brochures are stored "in the cloud", negating the need of an office or company owned file server. Thus allowing the freedom of not storing paper copies of documents and allowing the freedom of working outside of the office.

An overview of just a few of the major sections of Standout Property Manager can be found using the menu on this page. If you need any more detailed information, or have a general enquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.